Meet Elaine

Financial Planning for Women

Married to Roy Brett for 23 years, Elaine is the general manager of the couple’s business and a financial planner specializing in working with single women, divorcees, and widows. She prides herself on helping her clients create a realistic financial plan that is consistent with their unique plans and dreams for retirement.
       She believes that every woman should control and understand all the parts of her financial plan, rather than leaving it in the hands of other people.
       She works closely with talented people who have complementary skills and knowledge so that her clients can be served in all areas of their planning for retirement.
       Elaine has also worked as an editor, writer, and project manager. Her volunteer work includes chairing the board of the Palo Alto YMCA, chairing the board of an Episcopalian elementary school, and doing public relations for the board of the Friends of the Saratoga Libraries.